Monday, 31 December 2012

New year resolution

Don’t want wild animals roaming the roads,
Calling themselves humans but preying in hordes.

Don’t want to wake up each day in fear,
And wonder; are my loved ones still here?

Don’t want this New Year,
If it can’t give me this.

Let’s not make empty resolutions for ourselves,
Let’s resolve and act together for our India’s peace.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Time for action

I am outraged.

Not just because I am woman and I cry at the loss of such a brave and beautiful life at the hands of such merciless and brutal attackers. But because, I feel ashamed that this could happen in our country, in our capital. That this has happened countless number of times and will continue to happen unless action is taken right now.

I am outraged.

Not just because I am the mother of a 6 year old daughter and I want her to be safe. But, because when I see the faces of all the children around, I cannot help but wonder, 20 years from now, will they too have to face a day like this if no action is taken now?

So, I want action.

I don’t want the powerful people in the corridors of Delhi to hide behind their AC offices. I want them to own up to the flaws. I want them to act swiftly and decisively.
I want heads to roll from politicians to police. I want the transport mafia to be brought to task and the rapists to be punished without any mercy. I want the voice of the common men to be heard and respected and not ridiculed for being “dented and painted”.
Above all, I want all parents to teach their children to respect and honor women. Our children should not have to face this when they grow up.

This is my country. I want to feel safe. Is that too much to ask?

Friday, 28 December 2012

When will we be free?

She had dreams and hopes in her young heart,
You wiped them off as you ripped her body apart.

But you can’t kill her now…

She may have died in mind numbing pain,
But her death will not be in vain.
As millions of people rise up in protest,
And ask questions that cannot be put to rest,
Powers that be can discuss change in the archaic laws,
And the system can rush to cover its flaws.
Politicians and police can play the blame game,
But tell me, please tell me things will no longer be the same.

So, you can’t kill her now     
The nation is awake.
Run and hide you pitiful, soul less fellows,
Worse fate awaits you than the darkest of gallows.
If after 50 years of independence, you cannot let people be free,
I wonder if you really have any reason to even be.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Monday morning lesson

When I woke up this morning,
My feet were heavy as clay
For the Monday morning meeting,
I knew I had nothing to say
But when I looked out of the window,
And heard laughter at the gate
And saw the tiny feet running, not to be late
I saw happy faces waiting to just start their day
‘Thank God its Monday’, the faces seemed to say
I closed the window, it was time to go
And start this morning, begin the show
Monday didn’t scare me, not anymore
I can take it, bring on some more.