What's for dinner?

Masterchef Australia - Rarely has a cooking show had me so engrossed and hooked on to it. Have to admit, I am addicted to trying out new, exotic recipes and watching food shows of Nigella Lawson, Donna Hay and the like.
Even tried watching the Indian version of the Masterchef. But while that turned out to be more of a soap opera with everyone airing their sob stories and sad personal lives in front of the camera to garner sympathy and votes, Masterchef Australia appealed to me for exactly the opposite reasons.
This show has no extra drama. Food is the heart and soul of the show. The judges seem human, not rude like Gordon Ramsey. The participants seem normal, you don't need to necessarily have a pitiful life to participate in the show; passion for cooking is reason enough. The contests are creative and imaginative. Even my husband, who has no interest in cooking, finds them really well thought out and interesting from the mystery box challenge to the taste test and of course the team challenges. And the food, well I can never say enough about the food. Its looks amazing, like art on a plate. The ingredients are so well planned and challenge one's creativity. And the few I tried on my own, tasted wonderful too.
As the new season of Masterchef starts, I am all set to get hooked on to the magic again.

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