Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Sun never sets in the land of social media

A conversation between a new content wave and the Sun of social media marketing

"What if I forget to create ripples?" asks the newbie

"What if I forget to shine, for even a minute?" 

"What happens when it turns dark and still?" 

"O there's never a still moment here. We are omnichannel, we are omnipresent. Welcome to our land."

"See, a ripple, a ripple! I just had a ripple."

"We call that a like. Quick, back to work. I need to spread the good news"

Monday, 9 February 2015

Jaipur with a dal kachori

You might have a myriad reasons to visit Jaipur. From shopping for Jutis and searching for bits of history in the old palaces to seeing the writers take celebrity centre-stage at Jaipur Literature Festival.
Chances are, you would also make a trip to the much hyped Chowki Dani and feast on a multi-course traditional meal.

On the way, you'll probably make a quick stop to listen to the folk singer singing his poignant song to an unknown audience. And you'll return, your hearts and minds full of the beauty and warmth of Jaipur.

But stay back, just another while to have the dal kachoris of Jaipur. Crispy with the lingering taste of lentils that melt in the sweetness of the chutney, the fresh, hot kachoris are a perfectly sinful way to start your day.

Of course, if you have spent some time in West Bengal, you might remember its Kolkata cousin. Dalpuri. Fried puri, stuffed inside with ground lentils. A must-have feature in every sweet shop, they were a part of every Kolkata born person's weekend sweet shop binge.

Similar in taste, maybe but completely different in the way they are eaten. But you don't need to have eaten Dalpuri to enjoy the Dal Kachori. That is, by itself, quite a food wonder.

So next time you are in Jaipur and you see the snaking queue in front of the Jaipur Literature Festival to hear ahem...Shobha De or maybe Mr. Bhagat, maybe you'll sneak off for a quick bite of dal kachori.

If you stay back at the road-side shop for Jalebi and onion kachori, well, don't blame me:)

Basic Instinct Redefined

Basic Instinct Redefined

“How mean was the mean”
Median complained while
Mode was busy choosing
Most popular selfie of the day.

“Is anyone normal here”
Skewness whined.
Kurtosis jumped high,
In his usual leptokurtic way,

To avoid being caught in
Random sampling gone wrong.
Even as Poisson and Binomial
Tossed coins to have their say.

Standard deviation strode in
"I just can't deal with MAD
Tell him to keep his distance.
Variance, you have to make him pay"

But suddenly, there was silence.
Was that a knock on basic stats door?
“You people are too basic. No instinct.
I am big data. Time for you to pray.”