Thursday, 16 May 2013

Who needs a manager?

For most of my corporate life, I have been remarkably lucky to have worked with managers who were more mentors and leaders, than mere managers.

But that said, there are managers who bring out the worst in us, managers who are trapped in their own miseries and can do precious little to help, motivate or guide their teams.

Being a manager is no easy task. This limerick is an ode to all of us in the corporate world and the managers we love to hate.

Who needs a manager?

Your calendar it is full, your mind it is blank,
You sit alone in the corner cabin as befits your rank.
You practice management by walking around,
Hovering like a headless chicken to check if everything is sound.
But when really needed, why are you MIA (missing in action)? Is this your idea of a corporate prank?

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