Saturday, 11 May 2013

In search

All I ever wanted
Was to be free,
Why does it seem so difficult now?
Was it never really meant to be?

The invisible bonds that now tie me
And the shackles that chain my mind,
Are they hiding the person I am trying to find?

Do I really need it all?
Are they taking my soul?
And pushing me further against the wall?

Who is my biggest enemy
Is it really I?

Am I the one that’s holding me back,
Making excuses for decisions
I never wanted to take,
Arguing against myself,
Taking the easy way out, being a fake.

Who am I fooling
Is this really me?

Can’t I be the child again
When I was really free?
Why is so hard now
To just be me?  

the relentless lashing of the waves of misery against the endless ocean  - the complexities of the human mind

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